Rent By Owner

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Contact Information and Property Tour

Once you have found a possible rent by owner apartment, write down all the contact information and immediately call or email the homeowner. Allow the property owner to know what you heard about or saw in the apartment, then express to him your interest.

Get as much information as you can, including the size and location of the apartment, and any other matters that you may have. Determine the type of tenant the owner is in search for. While many homeowners may prefer student tenants, some would target young professionals or small families. Schedule an appointment to explore the apartment.

On the day that you visit the property, it is best that you arrive at the location a bit early in order than you can observe the place yourself and determine if it is the kind of area that you prefer to reside in.

Try not to evaluate the apartment only on its external appearance, though if the place is completely too inadequate, you may wish to cancel your tour. When you make it inside the house, take your time to inspect the interior features thoroughly. You and the landlord should have a question-and-answer portion at this time. If the owner seems to be uninterested to accept you as a renter, move forward.