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Dividing Rent among Multiple Boarders

In case the rooms in a shared apartment or home are of equal size and appeal, evenly dividing rent may be the easiest solution. But if one room is more appealing, like having a fireplace, view or more windows, the rent must be divided in such a way that greater cost goes to the room with additional features. It is likely that you choose to pay rent according to square footage.

Let’s say for instance, if the whole apartment has a floor area of 4,000 square feet, and one room measures 600 square feet while another is 700 square feet, a bit higher rent will be paid by the tenant who occupies the 700-square-feet apartment room.

In order to start the calculation process, divide the total floor area (in square feet) of the apartment/house by the paid total rent’s amount (in dollar). This will give you the dollar amount for every square foot. This number is then multiplied by the floor area (in square feet) of each room. Take note that the cost of common rooms/facilities will be evenly shared. All of you must keep in mind that communication is extremely essential when deciding how to divide the apartment rent.