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Home Inspection

When tenants rent homes directly from owners, there are home inspections that need to be done. The inspection of the home is performed by both the tenant and the owner. Home inspections are more applicable to rent by owner homes that are rented for a longer duration of time. But even short term rentals conduct home inspections just to make sure that the property is in good shape before and after the rental has taken place.

There are different types of inspections that occur when renting straight from the owners. One of the most important types is the move-in inspection. Before the tenant moves in, the tenant will be given a checklist so that they can inspect the property of all the issues that are present pre-rental. This will assure the tenant that they will not be liable of any damages that are already present and this will also assure the owner that the property will be in the same state after the rental.

Another common type of rental home inspection is the safe inspection and this is performed by the owner. This is usually done every 3 months and this is the time when the owner would inspect any maintenance issues that need to be fixed in the home.