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Online Rent Payment

If you want to pay rent through the internet for greater ease and convenience, talk to your landlord if this mode of payment is even possible. You can never pay rent online except when the property owner has allowed for it, since otherwise the rent won’t be received by the person it is supposed to be sent to.

For the most part, you will need to set up the internet-based payment system once the lease agreement has been signed, though a landlord will sometimes allow you to change methods of payment in the middle of the term of your contract.

Based on the provisions of your landlord, pay your rent via the internet. One of the most popular and efficient ways to do this is by using your personal bank account to electronically transfer a certain amount of money to the homeowner’s own bank account. This mode of payment is possible if the personal website of the landlord features an automated pay through credit card or check, or allows you to transfer funds to his account via money transfer services such as Paypal.

There are also online services specifically intended for rent payment, including TenantPlus, PayLease and RentPayment. However, you and your landlord need to register with any of these sites first before you can send a payment.