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Rent by Owner Home Types

If you want to rent homes directly from owners, then you will easily be able to find rental properties around the country since more owners are bypassing the real estate listing process. There are different types of homes that you can rent by owner. These homes can either be business properties of the owners or the house is simply rented out because the family has moved out to a different location.

The villa is one of the more common types of rental homes by owner. Villas are great for vacations but they can also be applicable for long term rentals. The space provided by villas will be perfect for a whole family to stay and there will be plenty of space to move around.

Studio homes are also popular among renters who do not really want large homes or expensive rental payments. These people may rent studio homes because they have to work during most hours of the day. Single detached homes are also common especially in North America. When you rent straight from the owner, you know that these single detached homes where actually their former houses that they converted into a rental space. Home cottages are popular among rental properties that are located near the beach.