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Rent by Owner Property Management

When people contact and talk directly with the owners in a rent by owner home rental, the management of the property is one aspect that would have to be discussed. In most cases, if not all, property management is actually included in the rental contract and is placed under the house rules clause. The management of the property does not only fall on the hands of the owner since the tenants would also have to do some work.

If you are an owner of the property, your main responsibility is the maintenance of the structure and the hardware of the home. If there are any damages in the house such as plumbing or roofing aspects, these have to be addressed even before the tenants arrive for their stay. If you want to maintain a good reputation and get high reviews about your home rental, then maintaining the property well will go a long way.

For the tenants, they cannot just simply rely on the owners to do all the work for them. Being able to contact the owner directly might give them that idea but they must also be responsible of taking care of the property while they are there. Any damages that are incurred due to the tenant’s errors or carelessness will be charged properly as stated in the contract. Cleaning duties such as home cleaning, garbage collection, and lawn care may fall to the hands of the tenants during the duration of their stay.