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Saving Money on Rent

If you are planning to rent an apartment or home and want to save money on it, opt for a less appealing location. In the world of real estate, location is always everything. Therefore, the more desirable a location, the more expensive the rent will be for such area. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to reside in an unsafe or unpleasant place. You will usually save much by choosing a location that is a few kilometers away from the trendiest or nicest locations.

If you get a roommate, your total rental expenses per year will significantly decrease. The difference in price between one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom rental apartments will often come out on the side of the apartment which accommodates the most number of occupants. If you do not want to consider compromising on location, you can perhaps make the costly location inexpensive by getting one to two roommates. Saving bucks on rent is also possible by getting into a live-work agreement.

In case you are willing and capable of working as a personal assistant or nanny, you may significantly reduce or even receive free rent by residing with your boss. This option is good only if you like him enough and are happy with the job you have with that employer.