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When considering renting an apartment by owner, you must first make a checklist of all the things that you need and want in an apartment before you start hunting. Begin with the location, parking for your car (if any), transportation and roommate or pet policy if applicable.

You need to be as realistic as possible about the price and size of the apartment based on the location and your budget. The search should begin in the specific neighborhood that you like. Visit grocery stores and other well-known shops in the place where you may find public notices about available apartment rentals.

It is also beneficial to read the classified ads section of your local newspaper. Another effective way to find rent by owner properties is going online and using a search engine like Google. In addition, do not forget to ask around.

Start with your family at home, your friends and classmates in school, officemates in the workplace, your churchmates and all the friends you may have on social networking sites. For example, if you have a Facebook account, you can ask all your friends there simultaneously about rental apartments by simply writing it in your profile status. You can also use the search engine of a social networking site to look for apartments by location.