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Vacation Property Rent by Owner

You purchased your dream vacation house and now you want to rent it out for the days, weeks or months that you are away from the property. Fortunately, there are available many different resources that you can use for marketing your vacation property.

Once you have found a potential tenant, collect a percentage of rent and some security deposits in order that rental on your property will be secured. It is of utmost importance to advertise your rental property. Craiglist, VRBO and Homeaway are some of the famous resources. The best part about them is that Craiglist does not charge any amount, while the other two are available for only a low yearly fee.

Deal with the inquiries that come from your potential tenants. They may choose to contact you via email, so you need to check your inbox regularly. In addition to security deposits, obtain at least a percentage of the rent in the event that you find somebody who is interested to rent your property.

Provide a rental agreement for your tenant, who will return the document to you after signing it. A booking verification letter must also be given. Lastly, provide your tenants a means of access to your property.